View Full Version : Complete scam = jdmexchange.net

08-29-2011, 12:15 AM
The owner of jdmexchange.net ( justin pace ) is a complete scam artist, i am living proof, he stole my car (2004 infiniti g35 coupe vin:jnkcv54e34m820541) through a deal gone bad. We both signed a contract (which he did not honor) stating that i would send my car to him, with no title or bill of sale. In return he would send me a jza80 supra. He never did & claims he has done nothing wrong. Something even more ****ed up than that is somehow he got my car registered in his name in reno nevada, now eithere he forged a title, or magically got a hold of my title, which is in my possession. Please if you were thinking of doing business with this asshole, dont do it. You will get ****ed, like i did. He has a registeted business, nevada business id:nv20081416003 (but it is all a scam) dont fall for his bullshit please & if you have any information on justin pace please contact me via email at [email protected], thank you all, & be safe.
All known recent places of residence: antioch california, reno nevada, carson city nevada.
All known phone numbers:+1 (415) 987-2295, (415) 238-2857, (775) 343-6595