View Full Version : Autometer Ultra-lite Boost Gauge

09-27-2005, 07:04 PM
Product: Autometer Ultra-lite Boost Gauge (Mechanical)

Place Purchased: Kragen Auto Parts (~4 years ago)

Price Paid: $65 USD

Application: Universal

Highlights: Reads from 30inhg vacume to 30psi boost, and responds much more quickly than stock boost gauge.

Rating (1-10, 10 being best): 5

Installation Difficulty (1-10, 10 being difficult): 2 (routing the small vacume tube and wiring the light)

Installation Tips: Can't think of any

Additional Comments: Mediocre quality. It came out of the box reading at the extreme edge of the zero "box." This means the boost gauge is always about 1.5psi high. It is consistantly off, so it just means it wasn't propperly zero'd (it read 1.5 psi off in Los Angeles in the Spring, at Buttonwillow during the heat of the summer, and at ~8,000 feet driving over the Mount Lassen pass). Kragens had no interest in sending it back to be adjusted, and I never bothered to call Autometer directly. It is a common problem though...