View Full Version : Fluidyne Radiator (MK3)

09-27-2005, 06:16 PM
Product: Fluidyne aluminium radiator

Place Purchased: I can't remember, it was 4 or 5 years ago.

Price Paid: $425 USD

Application: 87-92 Mk3 Supra (M/T)

Highlights: Larger capacity than stock, high-quality welds, polished tanks and it includes a higher pressure Fluidyne radiator cap. Engine temperature remains dead solid under even extreme use (unlike the stock radiator)

Rating (1-10, 10 being best): 10

Installation Difficulty (1-10, 10 being difficult): 3 (because I had an automatic)

Installation Tips: Drain the coolant and remove the radiator hoses (and transmission hoses if A/T). Unbolt the AC fan and set it to the side. Unbolt the engine fan shroud, but leave it suspended by the stock fan. Unbolt the stock fan clutch (wedge a large screwdriver between the studs to keep it from turning while unbolting the nuts). Remove the fan and the shroud together. If you attempt to remove the fan or shroud independently of each other, you will probably mung up the radiator fins... Remove the top two radiator mounts and slide the radiator straight up. Installation is the reverse procedure...

Additional Comments: This is a beautiful piece that brightens any engine bay. The weld quality is first rate, and the stock fan and fan shroud fit perfectly. The lower posts did fit snugly in the donut mounts so it required a little rocking back/forth to slide in (the stock one could just lift in and out easily). Because my car was an automatic when I purchased the Fluidyne, I had to get a separate transmission cooler and run the lines to it. The most difficult aspect of this install was finding a nice place to mount the transmission cooler (which wasn't hard at all).