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09-26-2005, 10:00 PM
I got a chance to follow up with one of my customers who just finished installing the HPF Stage 1 MK3 turbo kit (the 61). He had previously run the following turbos (in order):

Stock Toyota CT-26
SupraSport Stage 3, 60-1
SupraSport Stage 5, 60-1

Compared to the stock CT26, the SS stage 3 spooled about the same but had more top-end pull. Still both turbos began to run out of breath past 5500rpm. This turbo might still be on the car, but it had the infamous sticking wastegate that plagued so many of the early SS turbos (a problem that has been resolved on the latest versions). While pulling that turbo off to get it fixed, he threw in a stage 5.

The SS stage 5 was more sluggish to spool, but once at 18psi it pulled violently. Still, when facing an impromptu street race, it was like: wait for it... wait for it... NOW catch up and smoke the Vette. But as time passed, the stage 5 also began to develop a sticking wastegate so when the exhaust manifold studs recently started working loose, he decided to try our kit (after all, he would have to remove the manifold to helicoil the head anyway).

The result? With the high-flow tubular manifold and larger downpipe, it came as no surprise that the HPF61 made more power than the Stage 5. What surprised this customer was that the HPF61 actually spooled as quickly as the SS stage 3! This increased power comes at only 16 psi (2 less than the SS stage 5) as he is keeping the boost down until retuning. Overall he noted: “I don't have a heavy feeling on my right foot” – “the engine feels less bottlenecked.” After the retune and subsequent increase in boost, we expect to see a newcomer to the middle ranks of the 7mpower top 10.

09-26-2005, 10:43 PM
:) nice write-up man!

09-27-2005, 10:51 AM
it's good to see a real life comparison of all these turbos. i think it gives a broad perspective on turbo choices.

i wish i had the HPF kit, but 3k is a bit too steep. maybe in the near future. the kit itself is a work of art, while still being a good amount cheaper than the SP kit.

keep up the support for the mk3 jeff!

09-27-2005, 11:47 AM
Thanks Eugene. The bolt-on turbos definitely serve their purpose, but more and more people are discovering that they just don't like to push more than 500rwhp. So while there is a big jump to a tubular manifold kits like ours, it also is the only way to go for big power :)

10-20-2005, 07:10 PM
Hey! Phillipthe1st here....I bought the SS turbo and installed it. I have a straight 3" exhaust and no intake yet while running very rich fuel/air(9.?:1) at full throttle. No hard pipe kit yet and no lightened flywheel. The turbo does fine, especially since I can only boost around 7psi because of the "boost nanny"(fuel cut). I feel that once I get more supported mods like the AEM EMS, hard pipes, and straight intake(converting to speed density) the turbo will spool up better. My car probably does better with the SS turbo because my head is ported and smoothed. The number one reason I went with the SS turbo is because I wanted to keep everything in the stock location with a stock turbo fit. I wish I could have done something more about replacing the exhaust manifold, but I did port it and smooth the inside. Come spring of '06 I will have a better idea how well I can spool the turbo.
Jeff has been a great help and he is the one that has sold me everything from HPF. He knows his stuff about the MKIII so give him a call. He is good at trying to make you spend too much money(like the EMS for me)!!!

11-05-2005, 09:18 PM
hummm cool i wounder how my set up will be i runing the same header and the pte 67 turbo no any info on that